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Bug 1526419 - add mar-signing-autograph-stage task r=Callek We use autograph-prod for our ci, nightly, and release signing. Autograph-stage doesn't have the same guarantees for availability, so pointing, say, dep-signing at autograph-stage would have resulted in occasional tree closures whenever autograph-stage changes configuration or is down. However, we also want a way to verify autograph-stage is still valid, after the autograph team makes changes. This task is meant to be add-task'ed; a green result means autograph-stage has signed the mar file correctly. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D20749

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
Transform the {partials,mar}-signing task into an actual task description.
from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals

import os

from taskgraph.transforms.base import TransformSequence
from taskgraph.util.attributes import copy_attributes_from_dependent_job, sorted_unique_list
from taskgraph.util.scriptworker import (
from taskgraph.util.partials import get_balrog_platform_name, get_partials_artifacts
from taskgraph.util.taskcluster import get_artifact_prefix
from taskgraph.util.treeherder import join_symbol

import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

    'mar-signing-autograph-stage': {
        'target.complete.mar': ['autograph_stage_mar384'],
    'default': {
        'target.complete.mar': ['autograph_hash_only_mar384'],
        'target.bz2.complete.mar': ['mar'],

transforms = TransformSequence()

def generate_partials_artifacts(job, release_history, platform, locale=None):
    artifact_prefix = get_artifact_prefix(job)
    if locale:
        artifact_prefix = '{}/{}'.format(artifact_prefix, locale)
        locale = 'en-US'

    artifacts = get_partials_artifacts(release_history, platform, locale)

    upstream_artifacts = [{
        "taskId": {"task-reference": '<partials>'},
        "taskType": 'partials',
        "paths": [
            "{}/{}".format(artifact_prefix, path)
            for path, version in artifacts
            # TODO Use mozilla-version to avoid comparing strings. Otherwise Firefox 100 will be
            # considered smaller than Firefox 56
            if version is None or version >= '56'
        "formats": ["autograph_hash_only_mar384"],

    old_mar_upstream_artifacts = {
        "taskId": {"task-reference": '<partials>'},
        "taskType": 'partials',
        "paths": [
            "{}/{}".format(artifact_prefix, path)
            for path, version in artifacts
            # TODO Use mozilla-version to avoid comparing strings. Otherwise Firefox 100 will be
            # considered smaller than Firefox 56
            if version is not None and version < '56'
        "formats": ["mar"],

    if old_mar_upstream_artifacts["paths"]:

    return upstream_artifacts

def generate_complete_artifacts(job, kind):
    upstream_artifacts = []
    if kind not in SIGNING_FORMATS:
        kind = 'default'
    for artifact in job.release_artifacts:
        basename = os.path.basename(artifact)
        if basename in SIGNING_FORMATS[kind]:
                "taskId": {"task-reference": '<{}>'.format(job.kind)},
                "taskType": 'build',
                "paths": [artifact],
                "formats": SIGNING_FORMATS[kind][basename],

    return upstream_artifacts

def make_task_description(config, jobs):
    for job in jobs:
        dep_job = job['primary-dependency']
        locale = dep_job.attributes.get('locale')

        treeherder = job.get('treeherder', {})
            'symbol', join_symbol(job.get('treeherder-group', 'ms'), locale or 'N')

        label = job.get('label', "{}-{}".format(config.kind, dep_job.label))
        dep_th_platform = dep_job.task.get('extra', {}).get(
            'treeherder', {}).get('machine', {}).get('platform', '')
        treeherder.setdefault('kind', 'build')
        treeherder.setdefault('tier', 1)

        dependencies = {dep_job.kind: dep_job.label}
        signing_dependencies = dep_job.dependencies
        # This is so we get the build task etc in our dependencies to
        # have better beetmover support.

        attributes = copy_attributes_from_dependent_job(dep_job)
        attributes['required_signoffs'] = sorted_unique_list(
            attributes.get('required_signoffs', []),
        attributes['shipping_phase'] = job['shipping-phase']
        if locale:
            attributes['locale'] = locale

        balrog_platform = get_balrog_platform_name(dep_th_platform)
        if config.kind == 'partials-signing':
            upstream_artifacts = generate_partials_artifacts(
                dep_job, config.params['release_history'], balrog_platform, locale)
            upstream_artifacts = generate_complete_artifacts(dep_job, config.kind)

        build_platform = dep_job.attributes.get('build_platform')
        is_nightly = job.get('nightly', dep_job.attributes.get('nightly'))
        signing_cert_scope = get_signing_cert_scope_per_platform(
            build_platform, is_nightly, config

        scopes = [signing_cert_scope] + list({
            add_scope_prefix(config, 'signing:format:{}'.format(format))
            for artifact in upstream_artifacts
            for format in artifact['formats']

        task = {
            'label': label,
            'description': "{} {}".format(
                dep_job.task["metadata"]["description"], job['description-suffix']),
            'worker-type': get_worker_type_for_scope(config, signing_cert_scope),
            'worker': {'implementation': 'scriptworker-signing',
                       'upstream-artifacts': upstream_artifacts,
                       'max-run-time': 3600},
            'dependencies': dependencies,
            'attributes': attributes,
            'scopes': scopes,
            'run-on-projects': job.get('run-on-projects',
            'treeherder': treeherder,

        yield task