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#include "nsIInputStream.idl"

 * The MIME stream separates headers and a datastream. It also allows
 * automatic creation of the content-length header.

[scriptable, uuid(dcbce63c-1dd1-11b2-b94d-91f6d49a3161)]
interface nsIMIMEInputStream : nsIInputStream
     * When true a "Content-Length" header is automatically added to the
     * stream. The value of the content-length is automatically calculated
     * using the available() method on the data stream. The value is
     * recalculated every time the stream is rewinded to the start.
     * Not allowed to be changed once the stream has been started to be read.
    attribute boolean addContentLength;

     * Adds an additional header to the stream on the form "name: value". May
     * not be called once the stream has been started to be read.
     * @param name   name of the header
     * @param value  value of the header
    void addHeader(in string name, in string value);

     * Sets data-stream. May not be called once the stream has been started
     * to be read.
     * The cursor of the new stream should be located at the beginning of the
     * stream if the implementation of the nsIMIMEInputStream also is used as
     * an nsISeekableStream.
     * @param stream  stream containing the data for the stream
    void setData(in nsIInputStream stream);

     * Get the wrapped data stream
    readonly attribute nsIInputStream data;