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Bug 1489419 - Add i18n for DebugTargetList component; Depends on D6606 Differential Revision:

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

### These strings are used inside the about:debugging panel which is available
### by setting the preference `` to true.

# Sidebar heading for selecting the currently running instance of Firefox
about-debugging-sidebar-this-firefox =
  .name = This Firefox

# Sidebar heading for connecting to some remote source
about-debugging-sidebar-connect =
  .name = Connect

# Text displayed in the about:debugging sidebar when no device was found.
about-debugging-sidebar-no-devices = No devices discovered

# Below are the titles for the various categories of debug targets that can be found
# on "runtime" pages of about:debugging.
# Title of the temporary extensions category (only available for "This Firefox" runtime).
about-debugging-runtime-temporary-extensions = Temporary Extensions
# Title of the extensions category.
about-debugging-runtime-extensions = Extensions
# Title of the tabs category.
about-debugging-runtime-tabs = Tabs
# Title of the service workers category.
about-debugging-runtime-service-workers = Service Workers
# Title of the shared workers category.
about-debugging-runtime-shared-workers = Shared Workers
# Title of the other workers category.
about-debugging-runtime-other-workers = Other Workers

# Displayed in the categories of "runtime" pages that don't have any debug target to
# show. Debug targets depend on the category (extensions, tabs, workers...).
about-debugging-debug-target-list-empty = Nothing yet.

# Text of a button displayed in the "This Firefox" page, in the Temporary Extension
# section. Clicking on the button will open a file picker to load a temporary extension
about-debugging-tmp-extension-install-button = Load Temporary Add-on…

# Text of a button displayed for a temporary extension loaded in the "This Firefox" page.
# Clicking on the button will reload the extension.
about-debugging-tmp-extension-reload-button = Reload

# Text of a button displayed for a temporary extension loaded in the "This Firefox" page.
# Clicking on the button will uninstall the extension and remove it from the page.
about-debugging-tmp-extension-remove-button = Remove

# Message displayed in the file picker that opens to select a temporary extension to load
# (triggered by the button using "about-debugging-tmp-extension-install-button")
# manifest.json .xpi and .zip should not be localized.
# Note: this message is only displayed in Windows and Linux platforms.
about-debugging-tmp-extension-install-message = Select manifest.json file or .xpi/.zip archive