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Bug 1192492 - Support masking of passwords in XUL tree columns. r=Enn,smaug rs=smaug on the webidl change IGNORE IDL due to only adding a const

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsITreeColumns;
interface nsIDOMElement;
interface nsIAtom;

[scriptable, uuid(ae835ecf-6b32-4660-9b43-8a270df56e02)]
interface nsITreeColumn : nsISupports
  readonly attribute nsIDOMElement element;

  readonly attribute nsITreeColumns columns;

  readonly attribute long x;
  readonly attribute long width;

  readonly attribute AString id;
  [noscript] void getIdConst([shared] out wstring idConst);
  [noscript] readonly attribute nsIAtom atom;

  readonly attribute long index;

  readonly attribute boolean primary;
  readonly attribute boolean cycler;
  readonly attribute boolean editable;
  readonly attribute boolean selectable;

  const short TYPE_TEXT                = 1;
  const short TYPE_CHECKBOX            = 2;
  const short TYPE_PROGRESSMETER       = 3;
  const short TYPE_PASSWORD            = 4;
  readonly attribute short type;

  nsITreeColumn getNext();
  nsITreeColumn getPrevious();

  void invalidate();

interface nsITreeBoxObject;

[scriptable, uuid(f8a8d6b4-6788-438d-9009-7142798767ab)]
interface nsITreeColumns : nsISupports
   * The tree widget for these columns.
  readonly attribute nsITreeBoxObject tree;

   * The number of columns.
  readonly attribute long count;

   * An alias for count (for the benefit of scripts which treat this as an
   * array).
  readonly attribute long length;

   * Get the first/last column.
  nsITreeColumn getFirstColumn();
  nsITreeColumn getLastColumn();

   * Attribute based column getters.
  nsITreeColumn getPrimaryColumn();
  nsITreeColumn getSortedColumn();
  nsITreeColumn getKeyColumn();

   * Get the column for the given element.
  nsITreeColumn getColumnFor(in nsIDOMElement element);

   * Parametric column getters.
  nsITreeColumn getNamedColumn(in AString id);
  nsITreeColumn getColumnAt(in long index);

   * This method is called whenever a treecol is added or removed and
   * the column cache needs to be rebuilt.
  void invalidateColumns();

  void restoreNaturalOrder();