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Bug 705466 - Use MOZ_CHECK_HEADERS to check for cpuid.h. r=ted.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDocShellTreeItem;

 * The nsIDocShellTreeNode supplies the methods for interacting with children
 * of a docshell.  These are essentially the methods that turn a single docshell
 * into a docshell tree. 

 * Long-term, we probably want to merge this interface into
 * nsIDocShellTreeItem.  Need to eliminate uses of this interface
 * first.

[scriptable, uuid(37f1ab73-f224-44b1-82f0-d2834ab1cec0)]
interface nsIDocShellTreeNode : nsISupports
	The current number of DocShells which are immediate children of the 
	this object.
	readonly attribute long childCount;

	Add a new child DocShellTreeItem.  Adds to the end of the list.
	Note that this does NOT take a reference to the child.  The child stays
	alive only as long as it's referenced from outside the docshell tree.
	@throws NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE if child corresponds to the same
	        object as this treenode or an ancestor of this treenode
	@throws NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED if this node is a leaf in the tree.
	void addChild(in nsIDocShellTreeItem child);

	Removes a child DocShellTreeItem.
	@throws NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED if this node is a leaf in the tree.
	void removeChild(in nsIDocShellTreeItem child);

	 * Return the child at the index requested.  This is 0-based.
	 * @throws NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED if the index is out of range
	nsIDocShellTreeItem getChildAt(in long index);

	Return the child DocShellTreeItem with the specified name.
	aName - This is the name of the item that is trying to be found.
	aRecurse - Is used to tell the function to recurse through children.
		Note, recursion will only happen through items of the same type.
	aSameType - If this is set only children of the same type will be returned.
	aRequestor - This is the docshellTreeItem that is requesting the find.  This
		parameter is used when recursion is being used to avoid searching the same
		tree again when a child has asked a parent to search for children.
	aOriginalRequestor - The original treeitem that made the request, if any.
    	This is used to ensure that we don't run into cross-site issues.

	Note the search is depth first when recursing.
	nsIDocShellTreeItem findChildWithName(in wstring aName,
	                                      in boolean aRecurse,
	                                      in boolean aSameType,
	                                      in nsIDocShellTreeItem aRequestor,
	                                      in nsIDocShellTreeItem aOriginalRequestor);