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Bug 1165515 - Part 13-2: Replace usage of PRLogModuleLevel and PR_LOG_*. rs=froydnj This is straightforward mapping of PR_LOG levels to their LogLevel counterparts: PR_LOG_ERROR -> LogLevel::Error PR_LOG_WARNING -> LogLevel::Warning PR_LOG_WARN -> LogLevel::Warning PR_LOG_INFO -> LogLevel::Info PR_LOG_DEBUG -> LogLevel::Debug PR_LOG_NOTICE -> LogLevel::Debug PR_LOG_VERBOSE -> LogLevel::Verbose Instances of PRLogModuleLevel were mapped to a fully qualified mozilla::LogLevel, instances of PR_LOG levels in #defines were mapped to a fully qualified mozilla::LogLevel::* level, and all other instances were mapped to us a shorter format of LogLevel::*. Bustage for usage of the non-fully qualified LogLevel were fixed by adding |using mozilla::LogLevel;| where appropriate.

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#ifndef HttpLog_h__
#define HttpLog_h__

 *  This file should ONLY be #included by source (.cpp) files in the /http
 *  directory, not headers (.h).  If you need to use LOG() in a .h file, call
 *  PR_LOG directly.
 *  This file should also be the first #include in your file.
 *  Yes, this is kludgy.

#include "mozilla/net/NeckoChild.h"

// Get rid of Chromium's LOG definition
#undef LOG

// Log module for HTTP Protocol logging...
// To enable logging (see prlog.h for full details):
//    set NSPR_LOG_MODULES=nsHttp:5
//    set NSPR_LOG_FILE=http.log
// this enables LogLevel::Debug level information and places all output in
// the file http.log
extern PRLogModuleInfo *gHttpLog;

// http logging
#define LOG1(args) MOZ_LOG(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Error, args)
#define LOG2(args) MOZ_LOG(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Warning, args)
#define LOG3(args) MOZ_LOG(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Info, args)
#define LOG4(args) MOZ_LOG(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Debug, args)
#define LOG5(args) MOZ_LOG(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Verbose, args)
#define LOG(args) LOG4(args)

#define LOG1_ENABLED() MOZ_LOG_TEST(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Error)
#define LOG2_ENABLED() MOZ_LOG_TEST(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Warning)
#define LOG3_ENABLED() MOZ_LOG_TEST(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Info)
#define LOG4_ENABLED() MOZ_LOG_TEST(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Debug)
#define LOG5_ENABLED() MOZ_LOG_TEST(gHttpLog, mozilla::LogLevel::Verbose)

#endif // HttpLog_h__