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include protocol PBrowser;
include protocol PInProcess;
include protocol PBrowserBridge;

include DOMTypes;

using JSWindowActorMessageKind from "mozilla/dom/JSWindowActor.h";

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

struct JSWindowActorMessageMeta {
  nsString actorName;
  nsString messageName;
  uint64_t queryId;
  JSWindowActorMessageKind kind;

 * A PWindowGlobal actor has a lifetime matching that of a single Window Global,
 * specifically a |nsGlobalWindowInner|. These actors will form a parent/child
 * link either between the chrome/content process, or will be in-process, for
 * documents which are loaded in the chrome process.
async protocol PWindowGlobal
  manager PBrowser or PInProcess;

  async __delete__();

  async ChangeFrameRemoteness(BrowsingContext aFrameContext,
                              nsString aRemoteType,
                              uint64_t aSwitchId)
      returns (nsresult rv, nullable PBrowserBridge bridge);

  async RawMessage(JSWindowActorMessageMeta aMetadata, ClonedMessageData aData);

  /// Update the URI of the document in this WindowGlobal.
  async UpdateDocumentURI(nsIURI aUri);

  /// Notify the parent that this PWindowGlobal is now the current global.
  async BecomeCurrentWindowGlobal();

  /// Notify the parent that this PWindowGlobal has embedded the given
  /// BrowsingContext.
  async DidEmbedBrowsingContext(BrowsingContext aContext);

  async Destroy();

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla