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#ifndef mozilla_dom_LocalStorage_h
#define mozilla_dom_LocalStorage_h

#include "Storage.h"
#include "nsWeakReference.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

class LocalStorageCache;
class LocalStorageManager;
class StorageEvent;

class LocalStorage final : public Storage, public nsSupportsWeakReference {

  StorageType Type() const override { return eLocalStorage; }

  LocalStorageManager* GetManager() const { return mManager; }

  LocalStorageCache const* GetCache() const { return mCache; }

  const nsString& DocumentURI() const { return mDocumentURI; }

  LocalStorage(nsPIDOMWindowInner* aWindow, LocalStorageManager* aManager,
               LocalStorageCache* aCache, const nsAString& aDocumentURI,
               nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal, bool aIsPrivate);

  bool IsForkOf(const Storage* aOther) const override;

  // WebIDL

  int64_t GetOriginQuotaUsage() const override;

  uint32_t GetLength(nsIPrincipal& aSubjectPrincipal,
                     ErrorResult& aRv) override;

  void Key(uint32_t aIndex, nsAString& aResult, nsIPrincipal& aSubjectPrincipal,
           ErrorResult& aRv) override;

  void GetItem(const nsAString& aKey, nsAString& aResult,
               nsIPrincipal& aSubjectPrincipal, ErrorResult& aRv) override;

  void GetSupportedNames(nsTArray<nsString>& aKeys) override;

  void SetItem(const nsAString& aKey, const nsAString& aValue,
               nsIPrincipal& aSubjectPrincipal, ErrorResult& aRv) override;

  void RemoveItem(const nsAString& aKey, nsIPrincipal& aSubjectPrincipal,
                  ErrorResult& aRv) override;

  void Clear(nsIPrincipal& aSubjectPrincipal, ErrorResult& aRv) override;

  bool IsPrivate() const { return mIsPrivate; }

  void ApplyEvent(StorageEvent* aStorageEvent);


  friend class LocalStorageManager;
  friend class LocalStorageCache;

  RefPtr<LocalStorageManager> mManager;
  RefPtr<LocalStorageCache> mCache;
  nsString mDocumentURI;

  // Whether this storage is running in private-browsing window.
  bool mIsPrivate : 1;

  void OnChange(const nsAString& aKey, const nsAString& aOldValue,
                const nsAString& aNewValue);

}  // namespace dom
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_dom_LocalStorage_h