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/* atom list for CSS pseudo-elements */

#ifndef nsCSSPseudoElements_h___
#define nsCSSPseudoElements_h___

#include "nsIAtom.h"

// Is this pseudo-element a CSS2 pseudo-element that can be specified
// with the single colon syntax (in addition to the double-colon syntax,
// which can be used for all pseudo-elements)?
#define CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_IS_CSS2                     (1<<0)
// Is this pseudo-element a pseudo-element that can contain other
// elements?
// (Currently pseudo-elements are either leaves of the tree (relative to
// real elements) or they contain other elements in a non-tree-like
// manner (i.e., like incorrectly-nested start and end tags).  It's
// possible that in the future there might be container pseudo-elements
// that form a properly nested tree structure.  If that happens, we
// should probably split this flag into two.)
// Flag to add the ability to take into account style attribute set for the
// pseudo element (by default it's ignored).
// Flag that indicate the pseudo-element supports a user action pseudo-class
// following it, such as :active or :hover.  This would normally correspond
// to whether the pseudo-element is tree-like, but we don't support these
// pseudo-classes on ::before and ::after generated content yet.  See
// Is content prevented from parsing selectors containing this pseudo-element?
#define CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_UA_SHEET_ONLY               (1<<4)

// Empty class derived from nsIAtom so that function signatures can
// require an atom from this atom list.
class nsICSSPseudoElement : public nsIAtom {};

class nsCSSPseudoElements {

  static void AddRefAtoms();

  static bool IsPseudoElement(nsIAtom *aAtom);

  static bool IsCSS2PseudoElement(nsIAtom *aAtom);

#define CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT(_name, _value, _flags) \
  static nsICSSPseudoElement* _name;
#include "nsCSSPseudoElementList.h"

  enum Type {
    // If the actual pseudo-elements stop being first here, change
    // GetPseudoType.
#define CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT(_name, _value_, _flags) \
#include "nsCSSPseudoElementList.h"
    ePseudo_AnonBox = ePseudo_PseudoElementCount,
#ifdef MOZ_XUL

  static Type GetPseudoType(nsIAtom* aAtom);

  // Get the atom for a given Type.  aType must be < ePseudo_PseudoElementCount
  static nsIAtom* GetPseudoAtom(Type aType);

  static bool PseudoElementContainsElements(const Type aType) {
    return PseudoElementHasFlags(aType, CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_CONTAINS_ELEMENTS);

  static bool PseudoElementSupportsStyleAttribute(const Type aType) {
    MOZ_ASSERT(aType < ePseudo_PseudoElementCount);

  static bool PseudoElementSupportsUserActionState(const Type aType);

  static bool PseudoElementIsUASheetOnly(const Type aType) {
    MOZ_ASSERT(aType < ePseudo_PseudoElementCount);
    return PseudoElementHasFlags(aType, CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_UA_SHEET_ONLY);

  static uint32_t FlagsForPseudoElement(const Type aType);

  // Does the given pseudo-element have all of the flags given?
  static bool PseudoElementHasFlags(const Type aType, uint32_t aFlags)
    return (FlagsForPseudoElement(aType) & aFlags) == aFlags;

#endif /* nsCSSPseudoElements_h___ */