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Bug 1339289 - Give names to a lot of common runnables (r=ehsan) MozReview-Commit-ID: 5IdvK6kgoAW

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/

# The content of this file comes orginally from automationutils.py
# and *should* be revised.

import re
from operator import itemgetter

class ShutdownLeaks(object):

    Parses the mochitest run log when running a debug build, assigns all leaked
    DOM windows (that are still around after test suite shutdown, despite running
    the GC) to the tests that created them and prints leak statistics.

    def __init__(self, logger):
        self.logger = logger
        self.tests = []
        self.leakedWindows = {}
        self.leakedDocShells = set()
        self.currentTest = None
        self.seenShutdown = set()

    def log(self, message):
        if message['action'] == 'log':
            line = message['message']
            if line[2:11] == "DOMWINDOW":
            elif line[2:10] == "DOCSHELL":
            elif line.startswith("Completed ShutdownLeaks collections in process"):
                pid = int(line.split()[-1])
        elif message['action'] == 'test_start':
            fileName = message['test'].replace(
                "chrome://mochitests/content/browser/", "")
            self.currentTest = {
                "fileName": fileName, "windows": set(), "docShells": set()}
        elif message['action'] == 'test_end':
            # don't track a test if no windows or docShells leaked
            if self.currentTest and (self.currentTest["windows"] or self.currentTest["docShells"]):
            self.currentTest = None

    def process(self):
        if not self.seenShutdown:
                "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | ShutdownLeaks | process() called before end of test suite")

        for test in self._parseLeakingTests():
            for url, count in self._zipLeakedWindows(test["leakedWindows"]):
                    "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | %s | leaked %d window(s) until shutdown "
                    "[url = %s]" % (test["fileName"], count, url))

            if test["leakedWindowsString"]:
                self.logger.info("TEST-INFO | %s | windows(s) leaked: %s" %
                                 (test["fileName"], test["leakedWindowsString"]))

            if test["leakedDocShells"]:
                self.logger.error("TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | %s | leaked %d docShell(s) until "
                                  "shutdown" %
                                  (test["fileName"], len(test["leakedDocShells"])))
                self.logger.info("TEST-INFO | %s | docShell(s) leaked: %s" %
                                 (test["fileName"], ', '.join(["[pid = %s] [id = %s]" %
                                                               x for x in test["leakedDocShells"]]

    def _logWindow(self, line):
        created = line[:2] == "++"
        pid = self._parseValue(line, "pid")
        serial = self._parseValue(line, "serial")

        # log line has invalid format
        if not pid or not serial:
                "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | ShutdownLeaks | failed to parse line <%s>" % line)

        key = (pid, serial)

        if self.currentTest:
            windows = self.currentTest["windows"]
            if created:
        elif int(pid) in self.seenShutdown and not created:
            self.leakedWindows[key] = self._parseValue(line, "url")

    def _logDocShell(self, line):
        created = line[:2] == "++"
        pid = self._parseValue(line, "pid")
        id = self._parseValue(line, "id")

        # log line has invalid format
        if not pid or not id:
                "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | ShutdownLeaks | failed to parse line <%s>" % line)

        key = (pid, id)

        if self.currentTest:
            docShells = self.currentTest["docShells"]
            if created:
        elif int(pid) in self.seenShutdown and not created:

    def _parseValue(self, line, name):
        match = re.search("\[%s = (.+?)\]" % name, line)
        if match:
            return match.group(1)
        return None

    def _parseLeakingTests(self):
        leakingTests = []

        for test in self.tests:
            leakedWindows = [
                id for id in test["windows"] if id in self.leakedWindows]
            test["leakedWindows"] = [self.leakedWindows[id]
                                     for id in leakedWindows]
            test["leakedWindowsString"] = ', '.join(
                ["[pid = %s] [serial = %s]" % x for x in leakedWindows])
            test["leakedDocShells"] = [
                id for id in test["docShells"] if id in self.leakedDocShells]
            test["leakCount"] = len(
                test["leakedWindows"]) + len(test["leakedDocShells"])

            if test["leakCount"]:

        return sorted(leakingTests, key=itemgetter("leakCount"), reverse=True)

    def _zipLeakedWindows(self, leakedWindows):
        counts = []
        counted = set()

        for url in leakedWindows:
            if url not in counted:
                counts.append((url, leakedWindows.count(url)))

        return sorted(counts, key=itemgetter(1), reverse=True)

class LSANLeaks(object):

    Parses the log when running an LSAN build, looking for interesting stack frames
    in allocation stacks, and prints out reports.

    def __init__(self, logger):
        self.logger = logger
        self.inReport = False
        self.fatalError = False
        self.foundFrames = set([])
        self.recordMoreFrames = None
        self.currStack = None
        self.maxNumRecordedFrames = 4

        # Don't various allocation-related stack frames, as they do not help much to
        # distinguish different leaks.
        unescapedSkipList = [
            "malloc", "js_malloc", "malloc_", "__interceptor_malloc", "moz_xmalloc",
            "calloc", "js_calloc", "calloc_", "__interceptor_calloc", "moz_xcalloc",
            "realloc", "js_realloc", "realloc_", "__interceptor_realloc", "moz_xrealloc",
        self.skipListRegExp = re.compile(
            "^" + "|".join([re.escape(f) for f in unescapedSkipList]) + "$")

        self.startRegExp = re.compile(
            "==\d+==ERROR: LeakSanitizer: detected memory leaks")
        self.fatalErrorRegExp = re.compile(
            "==\d+==LeakSanitizer has encountered a fatal error.")
        self.stackFrameRegExp = re.compile("    #\d+ 0x[0-9a-f]+ in ([^(</]+)")
        self.sysLibStackFrameRegExp = re.compile(
            "    #\d+ 0x[0-9a-f]+ \(([^+]+)\+0x[0-9a-f]+\)")

    def log(self, line):
        if re.match(self.startRegExp, line):
            self.inReport = True

        if re.match(self.fatalErrorRegExp, line):
            self.fatalError = True

        if not self.inReport:

        if line.startswith("Direct leak") or line.startswith("Indirect leak"):
            self.recordMoreFrames = True
            self.currStack = []

        if line.startswith("SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer"):
            self.inReport = False

        if not self.recordMoreFrames:

        stackFrame = re.match(self.stackFrameRegExp, line)
        if stackFrame:
            # Split the frame to remove any return types.
            frame = stackFrame.group(1).split()[-1]
            if not re.match(self.skipListRegExp, frame):

        sysLibStackFrame = re.match(self.sysLibStackFrameRegExp, line)
        if sysLibStackFrame:
            # System library stack frames will never match the skip list,
            # so don't bother checking if they do.

        # If we don't match either of these, just ignore the frame.
        # We'll end up with "unknown stack" if everything is ignored.

    def process(self):
        if self.fatalError:
            self.logger.error("TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | LeakSanitizer | LeakSanitizer "
                              "has encountered a fatal error.")

        if self.foundFrames:
            self.logger.info("TEST-INFO | LeakSanitizer | To show the "
                             "addresses of leaked objects add report_objects=1 to LSAN_OPTIONS")
            self.logger.info("TEST-INFO | LeakSanitizer | This can be done "
                             "in testing/mozbase/mozrunner/mozrunner/utils.py")

        for f in self.foundFrames:
                "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | LeakSanitizer | leak at " + f)

    def _finishStack(self):
        if self.recordMoreFrames and len(self.currStack) == 0:
            self.currStack = ["unknown stack"]
        if self.currStack:
            self.foundFrames.add(", ".join(self.currStack))
            self.currStack = None
        self.recordMoreFrames = False
        self.numRecordedFrames = 0

    def _recordFrame(self, frame):
        self.numRecordedFrames += 1
        if self.numRecordedFrames >= self.maxNumRecordedFrames:
            self.recordMoreFrames = False