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Bug 869311. More rooting in dom/bindings and content/base. r=smaug

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsISimpleEnumerator;
interface nsIFile;
interface nsIToolkitProfile;
interface nsIProfileLock;

[scriptable, uuid(b619f83d-8317-473c-b342-67905993fdc7)]
interface nsIToolkitProfileService : nsISupports
    attribute boolean startWithLastProfile;
    attribute boolean startOffline;

    readonly attribute nsISimpleEnumerator /*nsIToolkitProfile*/ profiles;

    attribute nsIToolkitProfile selectedProfile;

     * Get a profile by name. This is mainly for use by the -P
     * commandline flag.
     * @param aName The profile name to find.
    nsIToolkitProfile getProfileByName(in AUTF8String aName);

     * Lock an arbitrary path as a profile. If the path does not exist, it
     * will be created and the defaults copied from the application directory.
    nsIProfileLock lockProfilePath(in nsIFile aDirectory,
                                   in nsIFile aTempDirectory);

     * Create a new profile.
     * @param aRootDir
     *        The profile directory. May be null, in which case a suitable
     *        default will be chosen based on the profile name.
     * @param aTempDir
     *        The profile temporary directory. May be null, in which case a
     *        suitable default will be chosen based either on the profile name
     *        if aRootDir is null or aRootDir itself.
     * @param aName
     *        The profile name.
    nsIToolkitProfile createProfile(in nsIFile aRootDir,
                                    in nsIFile aTempDir,
                                    in AUTF8String aName);

     * Create the default profile for an application.
     * The profile will be typically in
     * {Application Data}/.profilename/{salt}.default or
     * {Application Data}/.appname/{salt}.default
     * or if aVendorName is provided
     * {Application Data}/.vendor/appname/{salt}.default
     * @note Either aProfileName or aAppName must be non-empty
     * The contents of aProfileDefaultsDir will be copied to the
     * new profile directory.
     * @param  aProfileName
     *         The name of the profile
     * @param  aAppName
     *         The name of the application
     * @param  aVendorName
     *         The name of the vendor
     * @param  aProfileDefaultsDir
     *         The location where the profile defaults are.
     * @return The created profile.
    nsIToolkitProfile createDefaultProfileForApp(in AUTF8String aProfileName,
                                                 in AUTF8String aAppName,
                                                 in AUTF8String aVendorName,
                                                 [optional] in nsIFile aProfileDefaultsDir);

     * Returns the number of profiles.
     * @return 0, 1, or 2. More than 2 profiles will always return 2.
    readonly attribute unsigned long profileCount;

     * Flush the profiles list file.
    void flush();