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is a [python package](http://pypi.python.org/pypi/mozrunner)
which handles running of Mozilla applications.
mozrunner utilizes [mozprofile](/en/Mozprofile)
for managing application profiles
and [mozprocess](/en/Mozprocess) for robust process control.

mozrunner may be used from the command line or programmatically as an API.

# Command Line Usage

The `mozrunner` command will launch the application (specified by
`--app`) from a binary specified with `-b` or as located on the `PATH`.

mozrunner takes the command line options from 
[mozprofile](/en/Mozprofile) for constructing the profile to be used by 
the application.

Run `mozrunner --help` for detailed information on the command line

# API Usage

mozrunner features a base class, 
which is an integration layer API for interfacing with Mozilla applications.

mozrunner also exposes two application specific classes,
`FirefoxRunner` and `ThunderbirdRunner` which record the binary names
necessary for the `Runner` class to find them on the system.

Example API usage:

    from mozrunner import FirefoxRunner
    # start Firefox on a new profile
    runner = FirefoxRunner()

See also a comparable implementation for [selenium](http://seleniumhq.org/):