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Bug 1522500 - Add two more generic JS stack frames to the WPT LSan whitelist. r=jgraham a=RyanVM Intermittent leaks with js_arena_realloc and CompileUtf8 have started showing up to leaks involving a bunch of JS stuff, so add them to the top-level LSan WPT white list. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D19393

lsan-allowed: [js_pod_malloc, js_pod_calloc, js_pod_realloc, js_arena_calloc,js_pod_arena_calloc, maybe_pod_calloc, pod_calloc, make_zeroed_pod_array, js_arena_malloc, js_arena_realloc, CompileUtf8]
  if webrender: [tab:10000, gpu: 10000, gmplugin:20000, default:16000]
  if os == "mac": [tab:10000, gmplugin:20000, default:2000, rdd:400]
  [tab:10000, gmplugin:20000, rdd:400]