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Bug 1377492 - fix mochitest-1 failure in docshell when data: URI is a unique origin. r=smaug When we turn on the pref security.data_uri.unique_opaque_origin to make data URI is unique origin, the following tests will fail because now data document is treated as cross origin, so we replace data URIs with seperate files, hence it will still in the same origin.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<body onload="setTimeout(function() { window.location = 'bug404548-subframe_window.html'; }, 10)">
<iframe srcdoc="<body onpagehide='var p = window.parent.opener; var e = window.frameElement; e.parentNode.removeChild(e); if (e.parentNode == null && e.contentWindow == null) { p.firstRemoved = true; }'>">
<iframe srcdoc="<body onpagehide='window.parent.opener.secondHidden = true;'>">