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Bug 1524687: Follow-up: Fix sporadic Windows PGO build bustages. r=bustage CLOSED TREE

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/* list of user agent style sheets that nsLayoutStylesheetCache manages */

 * STYLE_SHEET(identifier_, url_, lazy_)
 * identifier_
 *   An identifier for the style sheet, suitable for use as an enum class value.
 * url_
 *   The URL of the style sheet.
 * lazy_
 *   A boolean indicating whether the sheet is loaded lazily.

STYLE_SHEET(ContentEditable, "resource://gre/res/contenteditable.css", true)
STYLE_SHEET(CounterStyles, "resource://gre-resources/counterstyles.css", false)
STYLE_SHEET(DesignMode, "resource://gre/res/designmode.css", true)
STYLE_SHEET(Forms, "resource://gre-resources/forms.css", true)
STYLE_SHEET(HTML, "resource://gre-resources/html.css", false)
STYLE_SHEET(MathML, "resource://gre-resources/mathml.css", true)
STYLE_SHEET(MinimalXUL, "chrome://global/content/minimal-xul.css", false)
STYLE_SHEET(NoFrames, "resource://gre-resources/noframes.css", true)
STYLE_SHEET(NoScript, "resource://gre-resources/noscript.css", true)
STYLE_SHEET(PluginProblem, "resource://gre-resources/pluginproblem.css", true)
STYLE_SHEET(Quirk, "resource://gre-resources/quirk.css", false)
STYLE_SHEET(Scrollbars, "chrome://global/skin/scrollbars.css", true)
STYLE_SHEET(SVG, "resource://gre/res/svg.css", false)
STYLE_SHEET(UA, "resource://gre-resources/ua.css", true)
STYLE_SHEET(XUL, "chrome://global/content/xul.css", true)