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Bug 1524687: Follow-up: Fix sporadic Windows PGO build bustages. r=bustage CLOSED TREE

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/* a list of all Servo Box<T> types used across bindings, for preprocessing */

// The first argument is the name of the Servo type used inside the Box.
// This doesn't need to be accurate; it's only used to generate nice looking
// FFI function names.
// The second argument is the name of an opaque Gecko type that will
// correspond to the Servo type used inside the Box.  The convention for the
// the name of the opaque Gecko type is "RawServo{Type}", where {Type} is
// the name of the Servo type or something close to it.
// See the comment at the top of ServoBindingTypes.h for how to use these.
// If you add an entry to this file, you should also add impls of HasFFI
// (with FFIType equal to ::gecko_bindings::structs::RawServo{Type}),
// HasSimpleFFI, and HasBoxFFI to the Servo type. You will also need to
// add a Servo_{FriendlyServoName}_Drop function to servo/ports/gecko/
// TODO(heycam): Do some of this automatically.

// clang-format off
// Needs to be a on single line
SERVO_BOXED_TYPE(StyleSet, RawServoStyleSet)
SERVO_BOXED_TYPE(AuthorStyles, RawServoAuthorStyles)
SERVO_BOXED_TYPE(SelectorList, RawServoSelectorList)
SERVO_BOXED_TYPE(SourceSizeList, RawServoSourceSizeList)
SERVO_BOXED_TYPE(UseCounters, StyleUseCounters)
// clang-format on