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#ifndef jit_Lowering_h
#define jit_Lowering_h

// This file declares the structures that are used for attaching LIR to a
// MIRGraph.

#include "jit/LIR.h"
#if defined(JS_CODEGEN_X86)
#include "jit/x86/Lowering-x86.h"
#elif defined(JS_CODEGEN_X64)
#include "jit/x64/Lowering-x64.h"
#elif defined(JS_CODEGEN_ARM)
#include "jit/arm/Lowering-arm.h"
#elif defined(JS_CODEGEN_ARM64)
#include "jit/arm64/Lowering-arm64.h"
#elif defined(JS_CODEGEN_MIPS32)
#include "jit/mips32/Lowering-mips32.h"
#elif defined(JS_CODEGEN_MIPS64)
#include "jit/mips64/Lowering-mips64.h"
#elif defined(JS_CODEGEN_NONE)
#include "jit/none/Lowering-none.h"
#error "Unknown architecture!"

namespace js {
namespace jit {

class LIRGenerator final : public LIRGeneratorSpecific {
  void updateResumeState(MInstruction* ins);
  void updateResumeState(MBasicBlock* block);

  // The maximum depth, for framesizeclass determination.
  uint32_t maxargslots_;

  LIRGenerator(MIRGenerator* gen, MIRGraph& graph, LIRGraph& lirGraph)
      : LIRGeneratorSpecific(gen, graph, lirGraph), maxargslots_(0) {}

  MOZ_MUST_USE bool generate();

  LBoxAllocation useBoxFixedAtStart(MDefinition* mir, Register reg1,
                                    Register reg2) {
    return useBoxFixed(mir, reg1, reg2, /* useAtStart = */ true);

  LBoxAllocation useBoxFixedAtStart(MDefinition* mir, ValueOperand op);
  LBoxAllocation useBoxAtStart(MDefinition* mir,
                               LUse::Policy policy = LUse::REGISTER);

  void lowerBitOp(JSOp op, MInstruction* ins);
  void lowerShiftOp(JSOp op, MShiftInstruction* ins);
  void lowerBinaryV(JSOp op, MBinaryInstruction* ins);
  void definePhis();

  MOZ_MUST_USE bool lowerCallArguments(MCall* call);

  template <typename LClass>
  LInstruction* lowerWasmCall(MWasmCall* ins, bool needsBoundsCheck);

  friend class LIRGeneratorShared;
  void visitInstructionDispatch(MInstruction* ins);

  MOZ_MUST_USE bool visitInstruction(MInstruction* ins);
  MOZ_MUST_USE bool visitBlock(MBasicBlock* block);

#define MIR_OP(op) void visit##op(M##op* ins);
#undef MIR_OP

}  // namespace jit
}  // namespace js

#endif /* jit_Lowering_h */