author Nicholas D. Matsakis <>
Tue, 06 Nov 2012 22:32:01 -0500
changeset 120446 651dc9d52259884f7c3924334581530a85fa2dcb
parent 64423 41a7fb6cb4f95efcc9e84cc0caf970a4dc9cdd96
child 180415 d8f0dc8111097946f21bd3484d925cbba66c9bd9
permissions -rw-r--r--
Bug 807480 - Add Rooted<T> roots to PerThread state. r=luke Currently there are a number of global fields in JSRuntime* which are basically tracking per-thread state. This makes sense on the current trunk since there is only ever a single thread associated with a runtime, but as Parallel JS (nee Rivertrail) starts to land this assumption no longer holds. This patch makes a struct, currently called |JS::PerThreadData|, that stores per-thread data from the runtime. There is one instance of this struct embedded in "Runtime" itself (the field |mainThread|). For now I have only migrated the debug GC fields into |PerThread|, those are the ones causing me immediate pain. Eventually more fields will want to move into there. The eventual goal is to distinguish thread-safe code, which will take as argument a |JS::PerThread*|, from non-thread-safe code, which will take a |JSRuntime*| or |JSContext*|.

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