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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * Interface to display XPInstall download and install status.
 * @status UNDER_REVIEW
[scriptable, uuid(ce8f744e-d5a5-41b3-911f-0fee3008b64e)]
interface nsIXPIProgressDialog : nsISupports
     * state values for onStateChange
    const short DOWNLOAD_START       = 0;
    const short DOWNLOAD_DONE        = 1;
    const short INSTALL_START        = 2;
    const short INSTALL_DONE         = 3;
    const short DIALOG_CLOSE         = 4;

     * basic info to control the install progress dialog. The dialog can
     * go away any time after it has received the DIALOG_CLOSE state message
     * but needs to accept messages until that time even if it is not visible.
     * Normally for each install package the dialog will receive the download
     * and install messages in START/DONE pairs, but in the case of a download
     * error the dialog will be sent only the DOWNLOAD_START followed by an
     * INSTALL_DONE message with the value nsInstall::DOWNLOAD_ERROR
     * @param index     the package this message is about of those passed into
     *                  openProgressDialog. ignored when state==DIALOG_CLOSE
     * @param state     the kind of message
     * @param value     final result when state==INSTALL_DONE, otherwise ignored
    void onStateChange( in unsigned long index, in short state, in long value );

     * download progress
     * @param index     the package to which this refers
     * @param value     number of bytes downloaded
     * @param maxValue  the total size
    void onProgress( in unsigned long index, in unsigned long long value, in unsigned long long maxValue );