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Bug 396185 - Make nsIFrame derivatives and helper abstract classes use a different dynamic-cast system than nsISupports: * we know all types frames may be cast to at compile time, so instead of extensible GUID IIDs, use a big enum (see nsQueryFrame::FrameIID) * eliminate all vestiges of refcounting, since frames aren't refcounted Some frames (SVG frames in particular) still implement nsISupports-derived interfaces, for example nsISVGValue. There is a FrameIID for nsISVGValue that lets you go from a frame to the XPCOM interface, but you can't query back. r+sr=roc nsITextControlFrame didn't have an IID the first time around, but this wasn't a compile error because nsITextControlFrame::kFrameIID inherited from nsIFormControlFrame::kFrameIID. I've added a static analysis pass to verify the correct behavior, since I can't figure out a way to make the compiler do it.

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#ifndef nsISelectControlFrame_h___
#define nsISelectControlFrame_h___

#include "nsQueryFrame.h"

class nsIDOMHTMLOptionElement;

  * nsISelectControlFrame is the interface for combo boxes and listboxes
class nsISelectControlFrame

   * Adds an option to the list at index

  NS_IMETHOD AddOption(nsPresContext* aPresContext, PRInt32 index) = 0;

   * Removes the option at index

  NS_IMETHOD RemoveOption(nsPresContext* aPresContext, PRInt32 index) = 0; 

   * Sets the select state of the option at index
  NS_IMETHOD GetOptionSelected(PRInt32 index, PRBool* value) = 0;

   * Sets whether the parser is done adding children
   * @param aIsDone whether the parser is done adding children
  NS_IMETHOD DoneAddingChildren(PRBool aIsDone) = 0;

   * Notify the frame when an option is selected
  NS_IMETHOD OnOptionSelected(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                              PRInt32 aIndex,
                              PRBool aSelected) = 0;

   * Notify the frame when selectedIndex was changed
  NS_IMETHOD OnSetSelectedIndex(PRInt32 aOldIndex, PRInt32 aNewIndex) = 0;