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Bug 1550937. Stop using [array] in nsIEventListenerService. r=smaug Differential Revision:

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 * Declares visibility-related types. @Visibility is an enumeration of the
 * possible visibility states of a frame. @OnNonvisible is an enumeration that
 * allows callers to request a specific action when a frame transitions from
 * visible to nonvisible.

#ifndef mozilla_layout_generic_Visibility_h
#define mozilla_layout_generic_Visibility_h

namespace mozilla {

// Visibility states for frames.
enum class Visibility : uint8_t {
  // Indicates that we're not tracking visibility for this frame.

  // Indicates that the frame is probably nonvisible. Visible frames *may* be
  // ApproximatelyNonVisible because approximate visibility is not updated
  // synchronously. Some truly nonvisible frames may be marked
  // ApproximatelyVisible instead if our heuristics lead us to think they may
  // be visible soon.

  // Indicates that the frame is either visible now or is likely to be visible
  // soon according to our heuristics. As with ApproximatelyNonVisible , it's
  // important to note that approximately visibility is not updated
  // synchronously, so this information may be out of date.

// Requested actions when frames transition to the nonvisible state.
enum class OnNonvisible : uint8_t {
  DiscardImages  // Discard images associated with the frame.

}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_layout_generic_Visibility_h