author Timothy Nikkel <>
Thu, 18 Feb 2010 13:23:23 -0600
changeset 38273 5b74da35092c9cd5d8c942adc89c47fa9dc86d45
parent 37973 b76ad6cdd76efb50f512a5fc13c5aecf0ac68092
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Bug 545593. Remove nsViewManager::Enable/DisableRefresh. r=roc

The source from this directory was copied from the liboggz git 
source repository using the script. The only changes made
were those applied by, which applies patches described
below, and the addition/upate of files for the
Mozilla build system.

The git commit id used was cf5feeaab69b05 from git://

The wince.patch addresses the lack of posix file IO support on windows ce,
see bug 461844 for details.

endian.patch is applied to fix bug 452698.

key_frame_seek.patch fixes bug 463358.

offset_next.patch fixes bug 495366.

bug487519.patch: Fix for bug 487519.

bug496063.patch: Fix for infinite loop during seek while shutting down.

faster_seek.patch: Fix for bug 501031, make seeking faster over HTTP.

bug516847.patch: Fix for bug 516847 (duplicate frame handling).

bug518169.patch: Fix bug 518169, fix faster_seek.patch.

bug504843.patch: Propogate read errors from oggz_read_sync().

bug519155.patch: Fix oggz seek's reset so that it can rollback on fail correctly.

bug498380.patch: Remove bogus assert.

bug520493.patch: Fix oggz seek so that it doesn't exit too early, and to use
                 more accurate page offsets while bisecting.

bug523335.patch: Abort oggz seek bisection when the underlying stream closes.

bug533822.patch: Clear packets queued for granulepos calcuation when resetting streams.