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Bug 1391110: Part 3 - Add nsIWebBrowserPersistable to FrameLoader bindings. r=smaug MozReview-Commit-ID: 8mBNbgmrXBV

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIWebBrowserPersistDocumentReceiver;

 * Interface for objects which represent a document that can be
 * serialized with nsIWebBrowserPersist.  This interface is
 * asynchronous because the actual document can be in another process
 * (e.g., if this object is an nsFrameLoader for an out-of-process
 * frame).
 * Warning: this is currently implemented only by nsFrameLoader, and
 * may change in the future to become more frame-loader-specific or be
 * merged into nsIFrameLoader.  See bug 1101100 comment #34.
 * @see nsIWebBrowserPersistDocumentReceiver
 * @see nsIWebBrowserPersistDocument
 * @see nsIWebBrowserPersist
 * @param aOuterWindowID
 *        The outer window ID of the subframe we'd like to persist.
 *        If set at 0, nsIWebBrowserPersistable will attempt to persist
 *        the top-level document. If the outer window ID is for a subframe
 *        that does not exist, or is not held beneath the nsIWebBrowserPersistable,
 *        aRecv's onError method will be called with NS_ERROR_NO_CONTENT.
 * @param aRecv
 *        The nsIWebBrowserPersistDocumentReceiver is a callback that
 *        will be fired once the document is ready for persisting.
interface nsIWebBrowserPersistable : nsISupports
  void startPersistence(in unsigned long long aOuterWindowID,
                        in nsIWebBrowserPersistDocumentReceiver aRecv);