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Bug 565274 - Implement the accept attribute for the form and file upload controls for custom MIME types. r=sicking

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMEventListener;
interface nsIIDBObjectStore;
interface nsIIDBRequest;
interface nsIIDBDatabase;
interface nsIDOMDOMStringList;

 * IDBDTransaction interface.  See
 * for more information.
[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(e4927c76-4f1f-4d7d-80ad-8186e1677da6)]
interface nsIIDBTransaction : nsISupports
  readonly attribute nsIIDBDatabase db;

  // "readonly", "readwrite" or "versionchange"
  readonly attribute DOMString mode;

  readonly attribute nsIDOMDOMStringList objectStoreNames;

  objectStore([Null(Stringify)] in DOMString name);

  // Don't commit the transaction.
  void abort();

  attribute nsIDOMEventListener onerror;

  // Event listener that fires when the transaction is completed
  // successfully. Receives an Event.
  attribute nsIDOMEventListener oncomplete;

  // Event listener that fires when the transaction is aborted.
  // Receives an Event.
  attribute nsIDOMEventListener onabort;