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Bug 592943 - (5/5) switch nsXULPrototypeCache to use startupCache instead of fastload, Patch by Benedict Hsieh, r=jst,glandium

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * This interface exposes the general notion of a scheduled object with a
 * integral priority value.  Following UNIX conventions, smaller (and possibly
 * negative) values have higher priority.
 * This interface does not strictly define what happens when the priority of an
 * object is changed.  An implementation of this interface is free to define
 * the side-effects of changing the priority of an object.  In some cases,
 * changing the priority of an object may be disallowed (resulting in an
 * exception being thrown) or may simply be ignored.
[scriptable, uuid(aa578b44-abd5-4c19-8b14-36d4de6fdc36)]
interface nsISupportsPriority : nsISupports
   * Typical priority values.
  const long PRIORITY_HIGHEST = -20;
  const long PRIORITY_HIGH    = -10;
  const long PRIORITY_NORMAL  =   0;
  const long PRIORITY_LOW     =  10;
  const long PRIORITY_LOWEST  =  20;
   * This attribute may be modified to change the priority of this object.  The
   * implementation of this interface is free to truncate a given priority
   * value to whatever limits are appropriate.  Typically, this attribute is
   * initialized to PRIORITY_NORMAL, but implementations may choose to assign a
   * different initial value.
  attribute long priority;

   * This method adjusts the priority attribute by a given delta.  It helps
   * reduce the amount of coding required to increment or decrement the value
   * of the priority attribute.
  void adjustPriority(in long delta);