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#ifndef CTLog_h
#define CTLog_h

#include <stdint.h>

#include "mozilla/Vector.h"

namespace mozilla { namespace ct {

// Signed integer sufficient to store the numeric ID of CT log operators
// as assigned at .
// The assigned IDs are 0-based positive integers, so you can use special
// values (such as -1) to indicate a "null" or unknown log ID.
typedef int16_t CTLogOperatorId;

typedef Vector<CTLogOperatorId, 8> CTLogOperatorList;

// Current status of a CT log in regard to its inclusion in the
// Known Logs List such as
enum class CTLogStatus
  // Status unknown or unavailable.
  // Included in the list of known logs.
  // Previously included, but disqualified at some point of time.

} } // namespace mozilla::ct

#endif // CTLog_h