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contextualIdentity: add gray color and fence icon (Bug 1532746); r=jkt,flod a=pascalc Adds a gray color and fence icon for Containers. This is originally from Facebook Container: User Research showed a strong affinity for the fence icon as an indicator of the kind of "boundary" protection that Containers provide. Differential Revision:

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# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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    content/browser/usercontext/usercontext.css (content/usercontext.css)

% resource usercontext-content %content/ contentaccessible=yes
    content/briefcase.svg     (content/briefcase.svg)
    content/cart.svg          (content/cart.svg)
    content/circle.svg        (content/circle.svg)
    content/dollar.svg        (content/dollar.svg)
    content/fence.svg         (content/fence.svg)
    content/fingerprint.svg   (content/fingerprint.svg)
    content/gift.svg          (content/gift.svg)
    content/vacation.svg      (content/vacation.svg)
    content/food.svg          (content/food.svg)
    content/fruit.svg         (content/fruit.svg)
    content/pet.svg           (content/pet.svg)
    content/tree.svg          (content/tree.svg)
    content/chill.svg         (content/chill.svg)