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Bug 1297924 - Update ANGLE to chromium/2845. r=jgilbert MozReview-Commit-ID: 2H0PBFFgmDp

// Copyright (c) 2014 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

// SurfaceD3D.h: D3D implementation of an EGL surface


#include "libANGLE/renderer/SurfaceImpl.h"
#include "libANGLE/renderer/d3d/NativeWindowD3D.h"

namespace egl
class Surface;

namespace rx
class SwapChainD3D;
class RendererD3D;

class SurfaceD3D : public SurfaceImpl
    ~SurfaceD3D() override;
    void releaseSwapChain();

    egl::Error initialize() override;
    FramebufferImpl *createDefaultFramebuffer(const gl::FramebufferState &state) override;

    egl::Error swap() override;
    egl::Error postSubBuffer(EGLint x, EGLint y, EGLint width, EGLint height) override;
    egl::Error querySurfacePointerANGLE(EGLint attribute, void **value) override;
    egl::Error bindTexImage(gl::Texture *texture, EGLint buffer) override;
    egl::Error releaseTexImage(EGLint buffer) override;
    void setSwapInterval(EGLint interval) override;

    EGLint getWidth() const override;
    EGLint getHeight() const override;

    EGLint isPostSubBufferSupported() const override;
    EGLint getSwapBehavior() const override;

    // D3D implementations
    SwapChainD3D *getSwapChain() const;

    egl::Error resetSwapChain();

    // Returns true if swapchain changed due to resize or interval update
    bool checkForOutOfDateSwapChain();

    gl::Error getAttachmentRenderTarget(const gl::FramebufferAttachment::Target &target,
                                        FramebufferAttachmentRenderTarget **rtOut) override;

    SurfaceD3D(const egl::SurfaceState &state,
               RendererD3D *renderer,
               egl::Display *display,
               const egl::Config *config,
               EGLNativeWindowType window,
               EGLClientBuffer shareHandle,
               const egl::AttributeMap &attribs);

    egl::Error swapRect(EGLint x, EGLint y, EGLint width, EGLint height);
    egl::Error resetSwapChain(int backbufferWidth, int backbufferHeight);
    egl::Error resizeSwapChain(int backbufferWidth, int backbufferHeight);

    RendererD3D *mRenderer;
    egl::Display *mDisplay;

    bool mFixedSize;
    GLint mOrientation;

    GLenum mRenderTargetFormat;
    GLenum mDepthStencilFormat;

    SwapChainD3D *mSwapChain;
    bool mSwapIntervalDirty;

    NativeWindowD3D *mNativeWindow;  // Handler for the Window that the surface is created for.
    EGLint mWidth;
    EGLint mHeight;

    EGLint mSwapInterval;

    HANDLE mShareHandle;

class WindowSurfaceD3D : public SurfaceD3D
    WindowSurfaceD3D(const egl::SurfaceState &state,
                     RendererD3D *renderer,
                     egl::Display *display,
                     const egl::Config *config,
                     EGLNativeWindowType window,
                     const egl::AttributeMap &attribs);
    ~WindowSurfaceD3D() override;

class PbufferSurfaceD3D : public SurfaceD3D
    PbufferSurfaceD3D(const egl::SurfaceState &state,
                      RendererD3D *renderer,
                      egl::Display *display,
                      const egl::Config *config,
                      EGLClientBuffer shareHandle,
                      const egl::AttributeMap &attribs);
    ~PbufferSurfaceD3D() override;

}  // namespace rx