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Bug 1180125 part 4 - Move PseudoTypeAsString to AnimationCollection and reuse; r=dbaron Prior to this patch, CSSAnimation defined a method for converting an nsCSSPseudoElements::Type to a nsString (but only for the set of pseudo-elements that can have animations). We would like to re-use this when setting up transition events so this patch moves it to AnimationCollection. Re-using this method more widely means we can make a few further simplifications to the code.

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#ifndef mozStorageResultSet_h
#define mozStorageResultSet_h

#include "mozIStorageResultSet.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
class mozIStorageRow;

namespace mozilla {
namespace storage {

class ResultSet final : public mozIStorageResultSet


   * Adds a tuple to this result set.
  nsresult add(mozIStorageRow *aTuple);

   * @returns the number of rows this result set holds.
  int32_t rows() const { return mData.Count(); }


   * Stores the current index of the active result set.
  int32_t mCurrentIndex;

   * Stores the tuples.
  nsCOMArray<mozIStorageRow> mData;

} // namespace storage
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozStorageResultSet_h