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Bug 1137483 - Set content description of SearchEngineBar items. r=liuche I tested with Talkback to ensure only the outer container of each search engine favicon is selected.

# Copyright (C) 2007-2012 Michael Foord & the mock team
# E-mail: fuzzyman AT voidspace DOT org DOT uk

from import unittest2

from mock import sentinel, DEFAULT

class SentinelTest(unittest2.TestCase):

    def testSentinels(self):
        self.assertEqual(sentinel.whatever, sentinel.whatever,
                         'sentinel not stored')
        self.assertNotEqual(sentinel.whatever, sentinel.whateverelse,
                            'sentinel should be unique')

    def testSentinelName(self):
        self.assertEqual(str(sentinel.whatever), 'sentinel.whatever',
                         'sentinel name incorrect')

    def testDEFAULT(self):
        self.assertTrue(DEFAULT is sentinel.DEFAULT)

    def testBases(self):
        # If this doesn't raise an AttributeError then help(mock) is broken
        self.assertRaises(AttributeError, lambda: sentinel.__bases__)

if __name__ == '__main__':