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Bug 1415352: Part 1a - Pass subject principal through to ParseAttribute. r=bz This is necessary in order to parse style attributes using the subject principal of the caller, rather than defaulting to the page principal. MozReview-Commit-ID: GIshajQ28la

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_HTMLTableColElement_h
#define mozilla_dom_HTMLTableColElement_h

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "nsGenericHTMLElement.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

class HTMLTableColElement final : public nsGenericHTMLElement
  explicit HTMLTableColElement(already_AddRefed<mozilla::dom::NodeInfo>& aNodeInfo)
    : nsGenericHTMLElement(aNodeInfo)

  uint32_t Span() const
    return GetIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::span, 1);
  void SetSpan(uint32_t aSpan, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetUnsignedIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::span, aSpan, 1, aError);

  void GetAlign(DOMString& aAlign)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::align, aAlign);
  void SetAlign(const nsAString& aAlign, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::align, aAlign, aError);
  void GetCh(DOMString& aCh)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::_char, aCh);
  void SetCh(const nsAString& aCh, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::_char, aCh, aError);
  void GetChOff(DOMString& aChOff)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::charoff, aChOff);
  void SetChOff(const nsAString& aChOff, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::charoff, aChOff, aError);
  void GetVAlign(DOMString& aVAlign)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::valign, aVAlign);
  void SetVAlign(const nsAString& aVAlign, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::valign, aVAlign, aError);
  void GetWidth(DOMString& aWidth)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::width, aWidth);
  void SetWidth(const nsAString& aWidth, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::width, aWidth, aError);

  virtual bool ParseAttribute(int32_t aNamespaceID,
                                nsAtom* aAttribute,
                                const nsAString& aValue,
                                nsIPrincipal* aMaybeScriptedPrincipal,
                                nsAttrValue& aResult) override;
  nsMapRuleToAttributesFunc GetAttributeMappingFunction() const override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsAttributeMapped(const nsAtom* aAttribute) const override;

  virtual nsresult Clone(mozilla::dom::NodeInfo *aNodeInfo, nsINode **aResult,
                         bool aPreallocateChildren) const override;

  virtual ~HTMLTableColElement();

  virtual JSObject* WrapNode(JSContext *aCx, JS::Handle<JSObject*> aGivenProto) override;

  static void MapAttributesIntoRule(const nsMappedAttributes* aAttributes,
                                    GenericSpecifiedValues* aGenericData);

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* mozilla_dom_HTMLTableColElement_h */