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#ifndef mozilla_net_TrackingDummyChannel_h
#define mozilla_net_TrackingDummyChannel_h

#include "nsIChannel.h"
#include <functional>

#define TRACKING_DUMMY_CHANNEL_IID                   \
  {                                                  \
    0x70ceb97d, 0xbfa6, 0x4255, {                    \
      0xb7, 0x08, 0xe1, 0xb4, 0x4a, 0x1e, 0x0e, 0x9a \
    }                                                \

class nsIChannel;

namespace mozilla {
namespace net {

 * In child intercept mode, the decision to intercept a channel is made in the
 * child process without consulting the parent process.  The decision is based
 * on whether there is a ServiceWorker with a scope covering the URL in question
 * and whether storage is allowed for the origin/URL.  When the
 * "network.cookie.cookieBehavior" preference is set to BEHAVIOR_REJECT_TRACKER,
 * annotated channels are denied storage which means that the ServiceWorker
 * should not intercept the channel.  However, the decision for tracking
 * protection to annotate a channel only occurs in the parent process.  The
 * dummy channel is a hack to allow the intercept decision process to ask the
 * parent process if the channel should be annotated.  Because this round-trip
 * to the parent has overhead, the dummy channel is only created 1) if the
 * ServiceWorker initially determines that the channel should be intercepted and
 * 2) it's a navigation request.
 * This hack can be removed once Bug 1231208's new "parent intercept" mechanism
 * fully lands, the pref is enabled by default it stays enabled for long enough
 * to be confident we will never need/want to turn it off.  Then as part of bug
 * 1496997 we can remove this implementation.  Bug 1498259 covers removing this
 * hack in particular.
class TrackingDummyChannel final : public nsIChannel,
                                   public nsIHttpChannelInternal {


  enum StorageAllowedState {

  static StorageAllowedState StorageAllowed(
      nsIChannel* aChannel, const std::function<void(bool)>& aCallback);

  TrackingDummyChannel(nsIURI* aURI, nsIURI* aTopWindowURI,
                       nsresult aTopWindowURIResult, nsILoadInfo* aLoadInfo);

  bool IsTrackingResource() const;

  void SetIsTrackingResource();


  nsCOMPtr<nsILoadInfo> mLoadInfo;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> mURI;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> mTopWindowURI;
  nsresult mTopWindowURIResult;

  bool mIsTrackingResource;


}  // namespace net
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_net_TrackingDummyChannel_h