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Bug 1501442 - Part 1: Add CompositionPayload type and allow submitting it as part of a transaction. r=mstange

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#include "mozilla/layers/PVideoBridgeChild.h"
#include "ISurfaceAllocator.h"
#include "TextureForwarder.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class VideoBridgeChild final : public PVideoBridgeChild,
                               public TextureForwarder {

  static void Startup();
  static void Shutdown();

  static VideoBridgeChild* GetSingleton();

  // PVideoBridgeChild
  PTextureChild* AllocPTextureChild(const SurfaceDescriptor& aSharedData,
                                    const ReadLockDescriptor& aReadLock,
                                    const LayersBackend& aLayersBackend,
                                    const TextureFlags& aFlags,
                                    const uint64_t& aSerial) override;
  bool DeallocPTextureChild(PTextureChild* actor) override;

  void ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason aWhy) override;
  void DeallocPVideoBridgeChild() override;

  // ISurfaceAllocator
  bool AllocUnsafeShmem(size_t aSize,
                        mozilla::ipc::SharedMemory::SharedMemoryType aShmType,
                        mozilla::ipc::Shmem* aShmem) override;
  bool AllocShmem(size_t aSize,
                  mozilla::ipc::SharedMemory::SharedMemoryType aShmType,
                  mozilla::ipc::Shmem* aShmem) override;
  bool DeallocShmem(mozilla::ipc::Shmem& aShmem) override;

  // TextureForwarder
  PTextureChild* CreateTexture(const SurfaceDescriptor& aSharedData,
                               const ReadLockDescriptor& aReadLock,
                               LayersBackend aLayersBackend,
                               TextureFlags aFlags, uint64_t aSerial,
                               wr::MaybeExternalImageId& aExternalImageId,
                               nsIEventTarget* aTarget = nullptr) override;

  // ClientIPCAllocator
  base::ProcessId GetParentPid() const override { return OtherPid(); }
  MessageLoop* GetMessageLoop() const override { return mMessageLoop; }
  void CancelWaitForRecycle(uint64_t aTextureId) override {

  // ISurfaceAllocator
  bool IsSameProcess() const override;

  bool CanSend() { return mCanSend; }


  RefPtr<VideoBridgeChild> mIPDLSelfRef;
  MessageLoop* mMessageLoop;
  bool mCanSend;

}  // namespace layers
}  // namespace mozilla