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Bug 1501442 - Part 1: Add CompositionPayload type and allow submitting it as part of a transaction. r=mstange

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

include "mozilla/GfxMessageUtils.h";
include "mozilla/layers/LayersMessageUtils.h";
include "ipc/nsGUIEventIPC.h";

include protocol PCompositorBridge;

using CSSRect from "Units.h";
using LayoutDeviceCoord from "Units.h";
using mozilla::LayoutDevicePoint from "Units.h";
using ScreenPoint from "Units.h";
using mozilla::layers::MaybeZoomConstraints from "mozilla/layers/ZoomConstraints.h";
using struct mozilla::layers::ScrollableLayerGuid from "mozilla/layers/ScrollableLayerGuid.h";
using mozilla::layers::ScrollableLayerGuid::ViewID from "mozilla/layers/ScrollableLayerGuid.h";
using mozilla::layers::TouchBehaviorFlags from "mozilla/layers/LayersTypes.h";
using mozilla::layers::AsyncDragMetrics from "mozilla/layers/AsyncDragMetrics.h";
using mozilla::layers::GeckoContentController::TapType from "mozilla/layers/GeckoContentController.h";
using class mozilla::layers::KeyboardMap from "mozilla/layers/KeyboardMap.h";

using mozilla::Modifiers from "mozilla/EventForwards.h";
using mozilla::PinchGestureInput::PinchGestureType from "InputData.h";

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

 * PAPZCTreeManager is a protocol for remoting an IAPZCTreeManager. PAPZCTreeManager
 * lives on the PCompositorBridge protocol which either connects to the compositor
 * thread in the main process, or to the compositor thread in the gpu processs.
 * PAPZCTreeManagerParent lives in the compositor thread, while PAPZCTreeManagerChild
 * lives in the main thread of the main or the content process. APZCTreeManagerParent
 * and APZCTreeManagerChild implement this protocol.
protocol PAPZCTreeManager
manager PCompositorBridge;


  // These messages correspond to the methods
  // on the IAPZCTreeManager interface

  async ZoomToRect(ScrollableLayerGuid aGuid, CSSRect aRect, uint32_t Flags);

  async ContentReceivedInputBlock(uint64_t aInputBlockId, bool PreventDefault);

  async SetTargetAPZC(uint64_t aInputBlockId, ScrollableLayerGuid[] Targets);

  async UpdateZoomConstraints(ScrollableLayerGuid aGuid, MaybeZoomConstraints aConstraints);

  async SetKeyboardMap(KeyboardMap aKeyboardMap);

  async SetDPI(float aDpiValue);

  async SetAllowedTouchBehavior(uint64_t aInputBlockId, TouchBehaviorFlags[] aValues);

  async StartScrollbarDrag(ScrollableLayerGuid aGuid, AsyncDragMetrics aDragMetrics);

  async StartAutoscroll(ScrollableLayerGuid aGuid, ScreenPoint aAnchorLocation);

  async StopAutoscroll(ScrollableLayerGuid aGuid);

  async SetLongTapEnabled(bool aTapGestureEnabled);

  async __delete__();


  async HandleTap(TapType aType, LayoutDevicePoint point, Modifiers aModifiers,
                  ScrollableLayerGuid aGuid, uint64_t aInputBlockId);

  async NotifyPinchGesture(PinchGestureType aType, ScrollableLayerGuid aGuid,
                           LayoutDeviceCoord aSpanChange, Modifiers aModifiers);

  async CancelAutoscroll(ViewID aScrollId);

} // namespace gfx
} // namespace mozilla