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Bug 1506291 - Add Linux sandboxing for the RDD (media decoder) process. r=gcp,mjf,flod The seccomp-bpf policy is currently just the "common" policy with no additions (but with the fixes in bug 1511560 to enable shared memory creation). The file broker policy allows shared memory creation and nothing else. The namespace setup is the same as for GMP (i.e., as restrictive as we currently can be). The sandbox can be turned off for troubleshooting by setting the environment variable MOZ_DISABLE_RDD_SANDBOX, similarly to the other process types. Tested against with the necessary prefs set. Depends on D20895 Differential Revision:

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#ifndef MOZILLA_A11Y_ProxyAccessibleWrap_h
#define MOZILLA_A11Y_ProxyAccessibleWrap_h

#include "AccessibleWrap.h"
#include "DocAccessibleParent.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace a11y {

 * A wrapper for Accessible proxies. The public methods here should be overriden
 * from AccessibleWrap or its super classes.
 * This gives us an abstraction layer so SessionAccessibility doesn't have
 * to distinguish between a local or remote accessibles.
 * NOTE: This shouldn't be regarded as a full Accessible implementation.
class ProxyAccessibleWrap : public AccessibleWrap {
  explicit ProxyAccessibleWrap(ProxyAccessible* aProxy);

  virtual void Shutdown() override;

  // Accessible

  virtual already_AddRefed<nsIPersistentProperties> Attributes() override;

  virtual uint32_t ChildCount() const override;

  virtual Accessible* GetChildAt(uint32_t aIndex) const override;

  virtual ENameValueFlag Name(nsString& aName) const override;

  virtual void Value(nsString& aValue) const override;

  virtual uint64_t State() override;

  virtual nsIntRect Bounds() const override;

  virtual void ScrollTo(uint32_t aHow) const override;

  virtual uint8_t ActionCount() const override;

  virtual bool DoAction(uint8_t aIndex) const override;

  // AccessibleWrap

  virtual void SetTextContents(const nsAString& aText) override;

  virtual void GetTextContents(nsAString& aText) override;

  virtual bool GetSelectionBounds(int32_t* aStartOffset,
                                  int32_t* aEndOffset) override;

  virtual void WrapperDOMNodeID(nsString& aDOMNodeID) override;

  virtual role WrapperRole() override;

  virtual AccessibleWrap* WrapperParent() override;

  virtual bool WrapperRangeInfo(double* aCurVal, double* aMinVal,
                                double* aMaxVal, double* aStep) override;

class DocProxyAccessibleWrap : public ProxyAccessibleWrap {
  explicit DocProxyAccessibleWrap(DocAccessibleParent* aProxy)
      : ProxyAccessibleWrap(aProxy) {
    mGenericTypes |= eDocument;

    if (auto parent = ParentDocument()) {
      mID = AcquireID();
      parent->AddID(mID, this);
    } else {
      // top level
      mID = kNoID;

  virtual void Shutdown() override {
    if (mID) {
      auto parent = ParentDocument();
      if (parent) {
        MOZ_ASSERT(mID != kNoID, "A non root accessible always has a parent");
    mID = 0;
    mBits.proxy = nullptr;
    mStateFlags |= eIsDefunct;

  DocProxyAccessibleWrap* ParentDocument() {
    DocAccessibleParent* proxy = static_cast<DocAccessibleParent*>(Proxy());
    if (DocAccessibleParent* parent = proxy->ParentDoc()) {
      return reinterpret_cast<DocProxyAccessibleWrap*>(parent->GetWrapper());

    return nullptr;

  DocProxyAccessibleWrap* GetChildDocumentAt(uint32_t aIndex) {
    auto doc = Proxy()->AsDoc();
    if (doc && doc->ChildDocCount() > aIndex) {
      return reinterpret_cast<DocProxyAccessibleWrap*>(

    return nullptr;

  void AddID(uint32_t aID, AccessibleWrap* aAcc) {
    mIDToAccessibleMap.Put(aID, aAcc);
  void RemoveID(uint32_t aID) { mIDToAccessibleMap.Remove(aID); }
  AccessibleWrap* GetAccessibleByID(uint32_t aID) const {
    return mIDToAccessibleMap.Get(aID);

   * This provides a mapping from 32 bit id to accessible objects.
  nsDataHashtable<nsUint32HashKey, AccessibleWrap*> mIDToAccessibleMap;
}  // namespace a11y
}  // namespace mozilla