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Backed out changeset df960e299bcd (bug 1108096) for m1 test failures

/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
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 * The origin of this IDL file is
 * © Copyright 2004-2011 Apple Computer, Inc., Mozilla Foundation, and
 * Opera Software ASA. You are granted a license to use, reproduce
 * and create derivative works of this document.

interface HTMLMediaElement : HTMLElement {

  // error state
  readonly attribute MediaError? error;

  // network state
           attribute DOMString src;
  readonly attribute DOMString currentSrc;

           attribute DOMString? crossOrigin;
  const unsigned short NETWORK_EMPTY = 0;
  const unsigned short NETWORK_IDLE = 1;
  const unsigned short NETWORK_LOADING = 2;
  const unsigned short NETWORK_NO_SOURCE = 3;
  readonly attribute unsigned short networkState;
           attribute DOMString preload;
  readonly attribute TimeRanges buffered;
  void load();
  DOMString canPlayType(DOMString type);

  // ready state
  const unsigned short HAVE_NOTHING = 0;
  const unsigned short HAVE_METADATA = 1;
  const unsigned short HAVE_CURRENT_DATA = 2;
  const unsigned short HAVE_FUTURE_DATA = 3;
  const unsigned short HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA = 4;
  readonly attribute unsigned short readyState;
  readonly attribute boolean seeking;

  // playback state
           attribute double currentTime;
  void fastSeek(double time);
  readonly attribute unrestricted double duration;
  // TODO: Bug 847376 - readonly attribute any startDate;
  readonly attribute boolean paused;
           attribute double defaultPlaybackRate;
           attribute double playbackRate;
  readonly attribute TimeRanges played;
  readonly attribute TimeRanges seekable;
  readonly attribute boolean ended;
           attribute boolean autoplay;
           attribute boolean loop;
  void play();
  void pause();

  // TODO: Bug 847377 - mediaGroup and MediaController
  // media controller
  //         attribute DOMString mediaGroup;
  //         attribute MediaController? controller;

  // controls
           attribute boolean controls;
           attribute double volume;
           attribute boolean muted;
           attribute boolean defaultMuted;

  // TODO: Bug 847379
  // tracks
  readonly attribute AudioTrackList audioTracks;
  readonly attribute VideoTrackList videoTracks;
  readonly attribute TextTrackList textTracks;
  TextTrack addTextTrack(TextTrackKind kind,
                         optional DOMString label = "",
                         optional DOMString language = "");

// Mozilla extensions:
partial interface HTMLMediaElement {
  attribute MediaStream? mozSrcObject;
  attribute boolean mozPreservesPitch;
  readonly attribute boolean mozAutoplayEnabled;

  // NB: for internal use with the video controls:
  [Func="IsChromeOrXBL"] attribute boolean mozMediaStatisticsShowing;
  [Func="IsChromeOrXBL"] attribute boolean mozAllowCasting;
  [Func="IsChromeOrXBL"] attribute boolean mozIsCasting;

  // Mozilla extension: stream capture
  [Throws, UnsafeInPrerendering]
  MediaStream mozCaptureStream();
  [Throws, UnsafeInPrerendering]
  MediaStream mozCaptureStreamUntilEnded();
  readonly attribute boolean mozAudioCaptured;

  // Mozilla extension: return embedded metadata from the stream as a
  // JSObject with key:value pairs for each tag. This can be used by
  // player interfaces to display the song title, artist, etc.
  object? mozGetMetadata();

  // Mozilla extension: provides access to the fragment end time if
  // the media element has a fragment URI for the currentSrc, otherwise
  // it is equal to the media duration.
  readonly attribute double mozFragmentEnd;

  // Mozilla extension: an audio channel type for media elements.
  // Read AudioChannel.webidl for more information about this attribute.
  attribute AudioChannel mozAudioChannelType;

  // In addition the media element has this new events:
  // * onmozinterruptbegin - called when the media element is interrupted
  //   because of the audiochannel manager.
  // * onmozinterruptend - called when the interruption is concluded

enum MediaWaitingFor {

#ifdef MOZ_EME
// Encrypted Media Extensions
partial interface HTMLMediaElement {
  readonly attribute MediaKeys? mediaKeys;

  // void, not any:
  [Pref="media.eme.enabled", Throws, NewObject]
  Promise<void> setMediaKeys(MediaKeys? mediaKeys);

  attribute EventHandler onencrypted;

  readonly attribute MediaWaitingFor waitingFor;