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Backed out changeset df960e299bcd (bug 1108096) for m1 test failures

/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
 * You can obtain one at

dictionary InstallParameters {
  sequence<DOMString> receipts = [];
  sequence<DOMString> categories = [];

[NoInterfaceObject, NavigatorProperty="mozApps",
interface DOMApplicationsRegistry {
  readonly attribute DOMApplicationsManager mgmt;
  DOMRequest install(DOMString url, optional InstallParameters params);
  DOMRequest installPackage(DOMString url, optional InstallParameters params);
  DOMRequest getSelf();
  DOMRequest getInstalled();
  DOMRequest checkInstalled(DOMString manifestUrl);

[JSImplementation=";1", ChromeOnly]
interface DOMApplication : EventTarget {
  // manifest and updateManifest will be turned into dictionaries once
  // in bug 1053033 once bug 963382 is fixed.
  readonly attribute any manifest;
  readonly attribute any updateManifest;
  readonly attribute DOMString manifestURL;
  readonly attribute DOMString origin;
  readonly attribute DOMString installOrigin;
  readonly attribute DOMTimeStamp installTime;
  readonly attribute boolean removable;
  readonly attribute boolean enabled;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute sequence<DOMString> receipts;

  readonly attribute double progress;

  readonly attribute DOMString installState;

  readonly attribute DOMTimeStamp lastUpdateCheck;
  readonly attribute DOMTimeStamp updateTime;

  readonly attribute boolean downloadAvailable;
  readonly attribute boolean downloading;
  readonly attribute boolean readyToApplyDownload;
  readonly attribute long downloadSize;

  readonly attribute DOMError? downloadError;

  attribute EventHandler onprogress;
  attribute EventHandler ondownloadsuccess;
  attribute EventHandler ondownloaderror;
  attribute EventHandler ondownloadavailable;
  attribute EventHandler ondownloadapplied;

  void download();
  void cancelDownload();

  DOMRequest launch(optional DOMString? url);

  DOMRequest clearBrowserData();
  DOMRequest checkForUpdate();

   * Inter-App Communication APIs.
   Promise<MozInterAppConnection> connect(DOMString keyword, optional any rules);

   Promise<sequence<MozInterAppMessagePort>> getConnections();

    // Receipts handling functions.
    DOMRequest addReceipt(optional DOMString receipt);
    DOMRequest removeReceipt(optional DOMString receipt);
    DOMRequest replaceReceipt(optional DOMString oldReceipt,
                              optional DOMString newReceipt);

    // Export this app as a shareable Blob.
    Promise<Blob> export();

interface DOMApplicationsManager : EventTarget {
  DOMRequest getAll();
  DOMRequest getNotInstalled();
  void applyDownload(DOMApplication app);
  DOMRequest uninstall(DOMApplication app);

  Promise<DOMApplication> import(Blob blob);
  Promise<any> extractManifest(Blob blob);

  void setEnabled(DOMApplication app, boolean state);

  attribute EventHandler oninstall;
  attribute EventHandler onuninstall;
  attribute EventHandler onenabledstatechange;