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Bug 1483105 [wpt PR 12462] - Revert "Partly fix #8581: add extra subdomains for cookie tests", a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-testsRevert "Partly fix #8581: add extra subdomains for cookie tests" (#12462) This reverts commit ff4e72e977d0776510aea28ddfb497c7fc12e848. Fixes #12461. -- wpt-commits: 4f0b8fbd7af0d10da5082ebc862e5fb555397547 wpt-pr: 12462

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	$(call SUBMAKE,xpidl,$(DEPTH)/config/makefiles/xpidl)

clean clobber realclean clobber_all distclean::
	$(call SUBMAKE,$@,$(DEPTH)/config/makefiles/xpidl)