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Bug 1325234 (part 4) - Streamline nsIWidget::{SetFocus,SetNonClientMargins}(). r=mstange. This patch changes them from |NS_IMETHOD| to |virtual nsresult|.

Metadata-Version: 1.0
Name: which
Version: 1.1.0
Summary: a portable GNU which replacement
Author: Trent Mick
License: MIT License
Description: This is a GNU which replacement with the following features:
        - it is portable (Windows, Linux);
        - it understands PATHEXT on Windows;
        - it can print <em>all</em> matches on the PATH;
        - it can note "near misses" on the PATH (e.g. files that match but
        may not, say, have execute permissions; and
        - it can be used as a Python module.
Keywords: which,find,path,where
Platform: Windows
Platform: Linux
Platform: Mac OS X
Platform: Unix