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Bug 1509573 - Part 1: Use |mach build ...| rather than special Make target. r=snorp This uses |mach build mobile/android/base/...| rather than a custom target, reducing Make magic and making it a little easier to reason about the Gradle build. This is somewhat rearranging deckchairs, but the more that gets out of Make and into, the simpler our lives become. The shared `onlyIf` Gradle guard will be used to make it very clear when certain tasks are being skipped, as we move details about Gecko binaries to depend on the Gradle task execution graph. I also took the opportunity to improve the task logging. Differential Revision:

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

set -e

# Update to an ICU release:
#   Usage: <URL of ICU GIT> <release tag name>
#   E.g., for ICU 62.1: release-62-1
# Update to an ICU maintenance branch:
#   Usage: <URL of ICU GIT> <maintenance name>
#   E.g., for ICU 62.1: maint/maint-62

if [ $# -lt 2 ]; then
  echo "Usage: <URL of ICU GIT> <release tag name>"
  exit 1

# Ensure that $Date$ in the checked-out git files expands timezone-agnostically,
# so that this script's behavior is consistent when run from any time zone.
export TZ=UTC

# Also ensure GIT-INFO is consistently English.
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
export LANGUAGE=en_US
export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8

icu_dir=`dirname $0`/icu

# Remove intl/icu/source, then replace it with a clean export.
rm -rf ${icu_dir}/source
tmpclonedir=$(mktemp -d)
git clone --depth 1 --branch $2 $1 ${tmpclonedir}
cp -r ${tmpclonedir}/icu4c/source ${icu_dir}/source

# Record `git log`.
# (This ensures that if ICU modifications are performed properly, it's always
# possible to run the command at the top of this script and make no changes to
# the tree.)
git -C ${tmpclonedir} log -1 > ${icu_dir}/GIT-INFO

# Clean up after ourselves.
rm -rf ${tmpclonedir}

# remove layoutex, tests, and samples, but leave makefiles in place
find ${icu_dir}/source/layoutex -name '*' -prune -or -type f -print | xargs rm
find ${icu_dir}/source/test -name '*' -prune -or -type f -print | xargs rm
find ${icu_dir}/source/samples -name '*' -prune -or -type f -print | xargs rm

# remove data that we currently don't need
rm -rf ${icu_dir}/source/data/brkitr/*
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/lang/*.mk
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/lang/*.txt
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/mappings/*.mk
find ${icu_dir}/source/data/mappings \
    -name ibm-37_P100-1995.ucm -prune -or \
    -name ibm-1047_P100-1995.ucm -prune -or \
    -name '*.ucm' -print | xargs rm
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/rbnf/*
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/region/*.mk
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/region/*.txt
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/translit/*
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/unit/*.mk
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/unit/*.txt

# Remove all exemplar cities 'ec'. (bug 1225401 and bug 1345336)
find ${icu_dir}/source/data/zone \
    -name root.txt -prune -or \
    -name tzdbNames.txt -prune -or \
    -name '*.txt' -print | xargs sed -i '/^\s*ec{\".*\"}$/ { d }'
# Remove empty time zone entries after exemplar cities removal.
find ${icu_dir}/source/data/zone \
    -name root.txt -prune -or \
    -name tzdbNames.txt -prune -or \
    -name '*.txt' -print | xargs sed -i '/^\s*\"[A-Z][a-zA-Z:_-]*\"{/{N; s/^\s*\"[A-Z][a-zA-Z:_-]*\"{\n\s*}// }; /^$/d'
# And finally remove any empty 'zoneStrings' entries.
find ${icu_dir}/source/data/zone \
    -name root.txt -prune -or \
    -name tzdbNames.txt -prune -or \
    -name '*.txt' -print | xargs sed -i '/^\s*zoneStrings{/{N; s/^\s*zoneStrings{\n\s*}// }; /^$/d'

for patch in \
 bug-915735 \
 suppress-warnings.diff \
 bug-1172609-timezone-recreateDefault.diff \
 bug-1198952-workaround-make-3.82-bug.diff \
; do
  echo "Applying local patch $patch"
  patch -d ${icu_dir}/../../ -p1 --no-backup-if-mismatch < ${icu_dir}/../icu-patches/$patch

topsrcdir=`dirname $0`/../
python ${topsrcdir}/js/src/tests/non262/String/ $topsrcdir

# Update our files in config/external/icu, and
# build a new ICU data file.
python `dirname $0`/ $topsrcdir

hg addremove "${icu_dir}/source" "${icu_dir}/GIT-INFO" ${topsrcdir}/config/external/icu

# Check local tzdata version.
`dirname $0`/ -c