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Bug 1366822 - Part1: Modify NetworkPrioritizer to only update selected tab's window ID, r=dao The original NetworkPrioritizer tracks each browser window and give the high priority to the selected tab. This patch is based on the NetworkPrioritizer, but only send a notification of the current selected tab's content outer window ID to network module.

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#ifndef BRNameMatchingPolicy_h
#define BRNameMatchingPolicy_h

#include "pkix/pkixtypes.h"

namespace mozilla { namespace psm {

// According to the Baseline Requirements version 1.3.3 section,
// the requirements of the subject common name field are as follows:
// "If present, this field MUST contain a single IP address or Fully‐Qualified
// Domain Name that is one of the values contained in the Certificate’s
// subjectAltName extension". Consequently, since any name information present
// in the common name must be present in the subject alternative name extension,
// when performing name matching, it should not be necessary to fall back to the
// common name. Because this consequence has not commonly been enforced, this
// implementation provides a mechanism to start enforcing it gradually while
// maintaining some backwards compatibility. If configured with the mode
// "EnforceAfter23August2016", name matching will only fall back to using the
// subject common name for certificates where the notBefore field is before 23
// August 2016. Similarly, the mode "EnforceAfter23August2015" is also
// available. This is to provide a balance between allowing preexisting
// long-lived certificates and detecting newly-issued problematic certificates.
// Note that this implementation does not actually directly enforce that if the
// subject common name is present, its value corresponds to a dNSName or
// iPAddress entry in the subject alternative name extension.

class BRNameMatchingPolicy : public mozilla::pkix::NameMatchingPolicy
  enum class Mode {
    DoNotEnforce = 0,
    EnforceAfter23August2016 = 1,
    EnforceAfter23August2015 = 2,
    Enforce = 3,

  explicit BRNameMatchingPolicy(Mode mode)
    : mMode(mode)

  virtual mozilla::pkix::Result FallBackToCommonName(
    mozilla::pkix::Time notBefore,
    /*out*/ mozilla::pkix::FallBackToSearchWithinSubject& fallBacktoCommonName)

  Mode mMode;

} } // namespace mozilla::psm

#endif // BRNameMatchingPolicy_h