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Bug 1325632 - part 5 - ensure that we compile with -fno-sized-deallocation when possible; r=chmanchester We currently turn off the C++14 sized-deallocation facility on MSVC, and we'd like to ensure we do the same thing for clang and gcc. To do so, we add new functionality to moz.configure for checking and adding compilation flags, similar to the facility for checking and adding warning flags. The newly added facility is then used to add -fno-sized-deallocation to the compilation flags, when the option is supported. Once we do this, we can't define the sized deallocation functions in mozalloc.h; the compiler will complain that we are using -fno-sized-deallocation, yet defining these special functions that we'll never use. These functions were added for MinGW, where we needed to compile with C++14 ahead of other platforms to be compatible with MSVC headers. But they're no longer necessary, though they would be if we removed -fno-sized-deallocation; the compiler will complain if we do that and we'll add them back at that point.

import sys
import gdbpp