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Bug 610823: Change a few users that use nsTArrays as buffers to explicitly use fallible tarray. r=jdaggett a=blocker

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#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIBaseDOMException.h"
#include "nsIException.h"

class nsBaseDOMException : public nsIException,
                           public nsIBaseDOMException
  virtual ~nsBaseDOMException();

  NS_IMETHOD Init(nsresult aNSResult, const char* aName,
                  const char* aMessage,
                  nsIException* aDefaultException);

  nsresult mResult;
  const char* mName;
  const char* mMessage;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIException> mInner;

NS_GetNameAndMessageForDOMNSResult(nsresult aNSResult, const char** aName,
                                   const char** aMessage);

#define DECL_INTERNAL_DOM_EXCEPTION(domname)                                 \
nsresult                                                                     \
NS_New##domname(nsresult aNSResult, nsIException* aDefaultException,         \
                nsIException** aException);

#ifdef MOZ_SVG