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Bug 1365520. P1 - remove MDSM::mSentLoadedMetadataEvent and MDSM::EnqueueLoadedMetadataEvent(). r=kaku The current call flow ensures decoding metadata only happens at most once and therefore EnqueueLoadedMetadataEvent() will only be called at most once. We don't need the mSentLoadedMetadataEvent flag. MozReview-Commit-ID: E95jtRrKupw

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/* Implements (nonstandard) PRI{ouxX}SIZE format macros for size_t types. */

#ifndef mozilla_SizePrintfMacros_h_
#define mozilla_SizePrintfMacros_h_

 * MSVC's libc does not support C99's %z format length modifier for size_t
 * types. Instead, we use Microsoft's nonstandard %I modifier for size_t, which
 * is unsigned __int32 on 32-bit platforms and unsigned __int64 on 64-bit
 * platforms:

#if defined(XP_WIN)
#  define PRIoSIZE  "Io"
#  define PRIuSIZE  "Iu"
#  define PRIxSIZE  "Ix"
#  define PRIXSIZE  "IX"
#  define PRIoSIZE  "zo"
#  define PRIuSIZE  "zu"
#  define PRIxSIZE  "zx"
#  define PRIXSIZE  "zX"

#endif  /* mozilla_SizePrintfMacros_h_ */