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Bug 1288445 - Use new hashed_fxa_uid field instead of the real FxA UID in sync telemetry ping. r=bsmedberg, r=markh, a=ritu MozReview-Commit-ID: DhlIEvyrtlL

Common ping format

This defines the top-level structure of a Telemetry ping.
It contains basic information shared between different ping types, which enables proper storage and processing of the raw pings server-side.

It also contains optional further information:

* the :doc:`environment data <environment>`, which contains important info to correlate the measurements against
* the ``clientId``, a UUID identifying a profile and allowing user-oriented correlation of data

*Note:* Both are not submitted with all ping types due to privacy concerns. This and the data it that can be correlated against is inspected under the `data collection policy <>`_.

Finally, the structure also contains the `payload`, which is the specific data submitted for the respective *ping type*.


      type: <string>, // "main", "activation", "deletion", "saved-session", ...
      id: <UUID>, // a UUID that identifies this ping
      creationDate: <ISO date>, // the date the ping was generated
      version: <number>, // the version of the ping format, currently 4

      application: {
        architecture: <string>, // build architecture, e.g. x86
        buildId: <string>, // "20141126041045"
        name: <string>, // "Firefox"
        version: <string>, // "35.0"
        displayVersion: <string>, // "35.0b3"
        vendor: <string>, // "Mozilla"
        platformVersion: <string>, // "35.0"
        xpcomAbi: <string>, // e.g. "x86-msvc"
        channel: <string>, // "beta"

      clientId: <UUID>, // optional
      environment: { ... }, // optional, not all pings contain the environment
      payload: { ... }, // the actual payload data for this ping type