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Bug 1186064 - Require Visual Studio 2015 Update 2; r=glandium Per froydnj in bug 1186064 comment #23, "it makes sense to proceed with removing MSVC 2013 support." This commit does that. We also go a step further and require VS2015 Update 2 instead of just update 1. This temporarily brings us down to just 1 officially supported Visual Studio version. However, VS2015u3 was just released and is unofficially supported. Since MOZ_CRT is no longer set, references to it have been removed. MozReview-Commit-ID: 8MUR6qLzQA5

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#ifndef mozilla_ipc_DaemonSocket_h
#define mozilla_ipc_DaemonSocket_h

#include "mozilla/ipc/ConnectionOrientedSocket.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace ipc {

class DaemonSocketConsumer;
class DaemonSocketIO;
class DaemonSocketIOConsumer;

 * |DaemonSocket| represents the socket to connect to the HAL daemon. It
 * offers connection establishment and sending PDUs. PDU receiving is
 * performed by |DaemonSocketIOConsumer|.
class DaemonSocket : public ConnectionOrientedSocket
  DaemonSocket(DaemonSocketIOConsumer* aIOConsumer,
               DaemonSocketConsumer* aConsumer,
               int aIndex);
  virtual ~DaemonSocket();

  // Methods for |ConnectionOrientedSocket|

  nsresult PrepareAccept(UnixSocketConnector* aConnector,
                         MessageLoop* aConsumerLoop,
                         MessageLoop* aIOLoop,
                         ConnectionOrientedSocketIO*& aIO) override;

  // Methods for |DataSocket|

  void SendSocketData(UnixSocketIOBuffer* aBuffer) override;

  // Methods for |SocketBase|

  void Close() override;
  void OnConnectSuccess() override;
  void OnConnectError() override;
  void OnDisconnect() override;

  DaemonSocketIO* mIO;
  DaemonSocketIOConsumer* mIOConsumer;
  DaemonSocketConsumer* mConsumer;
  int mIndex;