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Bug 1385905 - part2: HTMLEditRules::SplitParagraph() should insert normal <br> element rather than moz-<br> element if split element and/or new element is empty r=m_kato a=jorgk Currently, HTMLEditRules::SplitParagraph() inserts moz-<br> element when split element and/or new element causes empty line. However, PlaintextSerializer ignores moz-<br> elements. Therefore, empty lines which are created by SplitParagraph() will be removed when it's converted to plaintext. So, it should insert normal <br> element for placeholder of empty lines instead. Note that moz-<br> elements are appeared as normal <br> elements in the result of Element.innerHTML. Additionally, Chromium always inserts a <br> element for empty block elements which are created by Enter key press. Therefore, using normal <br> element in this case shouldn't cause any compatibility problems. MozReview-Commit-ID: FNV41zEFWqQ

import sys
import gdbpp