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Bug 1494328 fix launchWebAuthFlow to use default redirect_uri r=aswan a=pascalc Some oauth services require the redirect uri be configured on their service, and the reject the redirect_uri param if we send it. Chrome works fine in this scenario, but we have been requiring the redirect_uri be provided. This addresses that requirement by using our own default redirect url, which would be the url used to configure the oauth service. Differential Revision:

/* Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Components.utils.importGlobalProperties(["URLSearchParams", "URL"]);

function handleRequest(request, response) {
  let params = new URLSearchParams(request.queryString);
  if (params.has("no_redirect")) {
    response.setStatusLine(request.httpVersion, 200, "OK");
  } else {
    response.setStatusLine(request.httpVersion, 302, "Moved Temporarily");
    let url = new URL(params.get("redirect_uri") || params.get("default_redirect"));
    url.searchParams.set("access_token", "here ya go");
    response.setHeader("Location", url.href);