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Bug 731878 part.2 Implement D3E MouseEvent.buttons attribute r=smaug, sr=jst

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#include "nsIDOMMouseEvent.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(0830197e-952c-4413-be83-a94e08f4f321)]
interface nsIDOMMozTouchEvent : nsIDOMMouseEvent
  readonly attribute unsigned long streamId;

  void initMozTouchEvent(in DOMString typeArg,
                         in boolean canBubbleArg,
                         in boolean cancelableArg,
                         in nsIDOMWindow viewArg,
                         in long detailArg,
                         in long screenXArg,
                         in long screenYArg,
                         in long clientXArg,
                         in long clientYArg,
                         in boolean ctrlKeyArg,
                         in boolean altKeyArg,
                         in boolean shiftKeyArg,
                         in boolean metaKeyArg,
                         in unsigned short buttonArg,
                         in nsIDOMEventTarget relatedTargetArg,
                         in unsigned long streamIdArg);