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Bug 1211438 - Review comments from bug 1184940 didn't make Fx43 - fixing borders for edit context [r=dmose, a=lizzard, l10n=lizzard]

## LOCALIZATION NOTE: In this file, don't translate the part between {{..}}
conversation_has_ended=Your conversation has ended.
generic_failure_message=We're having technical difficulties…
generic_failure_with_reason2=You can try again or email a link to be reached at later.
generic_failure_no_reason2=Would you like to try again?
unable_retrieve_call_info=Unable to retrieve conversation information.
hangup_button_title=Hang up
mute_local_audio_button_title=Mute your audio
unmute_local_audio_button_title=Unmute your audio
mute_local_video_button_title2=Disable video
unmute_local_video_button_title2=Enable video
active_screenshare_button_title=Stop sharing
inactive_screenshare_button_title=Share your screen

welcome=Welcome to the {{clientShortname}} web client.
incompatible_browser_message=Firefox Hello only works in browsers that support WebRTC
unsupported_platform_message={{platform}} does not currently support {{clientShortname}}
unsupported_platform_windows_phone=Windows Phone
unsupported_platform_learn_more_link=Learn more about why your platform doesn't support {{clientShortname}}
promote_firefox_hello_heading=Download {{brandShortname}} to make free audio and video calls!
get_firefox_button=Get {{brandShortname}}
legal_text_and_links=By using {{clientShortname}} you agree to the {{terms_of_use_url}} and {{privacy_notice_url}}
terms_of_use_link_text=Terms of use
privacy_notice_link_text=Privacy notice
self_view_hidden_message=Self-view hidden but still being sent; resize window \
  to show

## LOCALIZATION NOTE(brandShortname): This should not be localized and
## should remain "Firefox" for all locales.
## LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientShortname2): This should not be localized and
## should remain "Firefox Hello" for all locales.
clientShortname2=Firefox Hello
## LOCALIZATION NOTE(vendorShortname): This should not be localized and
## should remain "Mozilla" for all locales.

call_progress_getting_media_description={{clientShortname}} requires access to your camera and microphone.


rooms_default_room_name_template=Conversation {{conversationLabel}}
## LOCALIZATION_NOTE(rooms_welcome_title): {{conversationName}} will be replaced
## by the user specified conversation name.
rooms_welcome_title=Welcome to {{conversationName}}
rooms_list_copy_url_tooltip=Copy Link
rooms_list_delete_tooltip=Delete conversation
rooms_list_deleteConfirmation_label=Are you sure?
rooms_new_room_button_label=Start a conversation
rooms_only_occupant_label2=You're the only one here.
rooms_panel_title=Choose a conversation or start a new one
rooms_room_full_label=There are already two people in this conversation.
rooms_room_full_call_to_action_nonFx_label=Download {{brandShortname}} to start your own
rooms_room_full_call_to_action_label=Learn more about {{clientShortname}} »
rooms_room_joined_label=Someone has joined the conversation!
rooms_room_join_label=Join the conversation
rooms_unavailable_notification_message=Sorry, you cannot join this conversation. The link may be expired or invalid.
rooms_media_denied_message=We could not get access to your microphone or camera. Please reload the page to try again.
room_information_failure_not_available=No information about this conversation is available. Please request a new link from the person who sent it to you.
room_information_failure_unsupported_browser=Your browser cannot access any information about this conversation. Please make sure you're using the latest version.

## LOCALIZATION_NOTE(rooms_read_while_wait_offer): This string is followed by a
# tile/offer image and title that are provided by a separate service that has
# localized content.
rooms_read_while_wait_offer=Want something to read while you wait?

## LOCALIZATION_NOTE(standalone_title_with_room_name): {{roomName}} will be replaced
## by the name of the conversation and {{clientShortname}} will be
## replaced by the brand name.
standalone_title_with_room_name={{roomName}} — {{clientShortname}}
status_error=Something went wrong

# Text chat strings

chat_textbox_placeholder=Type here…
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (context_inroom_label2): this string is followed by the
# title/domain of the website you are having a conversation about, displayed on a
# separate line. If this structure doesn't work for your locale, you might want
# to consider this as a stand-alone title. See example screenshot:
context_inroom_label2=Let's Talk About: